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BusinessHub helps you plan your jobs, communicate as a company, and execute effectively regardless of your contracting size or specialty.


    ON THE [c_icon name=”ct-icon-57-goods-shoes”] PRESS

    “BusinessHub is everything you need to get motivated, stay on track, and accomplish your goals.”

    “Discover which days you’re more productive. Track how much you improve over time. ”

    “Insanely great – beautiful and simple. The best habit tracker, hands down.”

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

    [c_iconbox style=”3″ item_width=”3_12″][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_6461444990528″ icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”UNLIMITED HISTORY CAPACITY” icon_color=”#3abaf1″]Paste extends system clipboard capacity up to unlimited and allows you to get back the stuff you’ve copied before.[/c_iconbox_item][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_6461444990529″ icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE” icon_color=”#3abaf1″]Paste automatically recognizes and stores text, images, links, files and any other type of content.[/c_iconbox_item][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_9041444990528″ icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”RULES AND EXCEPTIONS” icon_color=”#3abaf1″]Paste works with any application and allows you to exclude applications with sensitive information.[/c_iconbox_item][c_iconbox_item id=”ct_custom_8311455943189″ icon=”fa fa-check-circle” title=”FLEXIBLE PRICING” icon_color=”#3abaf1″]Every month we take you behind-the-scenes with one of our talented artists to see what inspired.[/c_iconbox_item][/c_iconbox]


    All the changes you make are logged, giving you the ability to go back in time alterations.



    Track time effortless and save it to Toggl fast and easy with simple interactions.



    Your data is always safe and available through the amazing platform of BusinessHub.


    You and your team will always be on the same page when it comes to project specifications.

    [c_parallax media_url=”http://test.cactusthemes.com/business-hub/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/backgoundV6-full.jpg” height=”720″][c_parallax_slide align=”right” heading=”NO MORE MEANINGLESS NOTIFICATION”]Specify is like having your very own time machine. All the changes you make are logged, giving you the ability to go back in time and see previous alterations.[/c_parallax_slide][/c_parallax]
    [c_comparetable id=”compare-table-v6″][c_column column_size=”3″ title=”STANDARD PLAN” price=”$49″ sub_text=”PER MONTH” column_class=”first-column”][c_row]Dev & Freelancer Friendly[/c_row][c_row]Unlimited Domain Use[/c_row][c_row]Free Theme Updates[/c_row][c_row]Support Forum Access[/c_row][c_row]Dev & Freelancer Friendly[/c_row][c_row]24/7 Customer Support[/c_row][c_row][c_button id=”ct_custom_3551444988954″ style=”1″ bg_color=”#45BAF1″ text_color=”#FFF”]SIGN UP NOW[/c_button][/c_row][/c_column][c_column id=”ct_custom_5671452765441″ is_special=”1″ tag_color=”#ffffff” tag_bg=”#ffd54a” column_size=”3″ title=”FEATURED PLAN” price=”$59″ sub_text=”PER MONTH” tag=”GREAT” column_class=”second-column”][c_row]Unlimited Access[/c_row][c_row]Unlimited Bandwidth[/c_row][c_row]Unlimited Storage[/c_row][c_row]Unlimited Contributors[/c_row][c_row]Developer Platform[/c_row][c_row]Mobile Website[/c_row][c_row]Custom Domain FREE[/c_row][c_row][c_button id=”ct_custom_201444988954″ style=”1″ bg_color=”#45BAF1″ text_color=”#FFF”]SIGN UP NOW[/c_button][/c_row][/c_column][c_column column_size=”3″ title=”PRO PLAN” price=”$69″ sub_text=”PER MONTH” column_class=”third-column”][c_row]Dev & Freelancer Friendly[/c_row][c_row]Unlimited Domain Use[/c_row][c_row]Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus[/c_row][c_row]Support Forum Access[/c_row][c_row]24/7 Customer Support[/c_row][c_row][c_button id=”ct_custom_2991444988954″ style=”1″ bg_color=”#45BAF1″ text_color=”#FFF”]SIGN UP NOW[/c_button][/c_row][/c_column][/c_comparetable]