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BKY Insurance Agencies is a licensed agency with IRA, and is an affiliate company of AVLC Group. The strategy for BKY is differentiation and thus veers away from depending solely on offering standardized products. To this end, research, innovation and efficiency in processes are the backbone of the Agency. The following feed into this strategy:

  • Branding- we choose our names carefully as they are critical to the products success
  • Targeting-insurance has largely been undifferentiated-we select our market
  • Strategic Partnerships- these enable us concentrate on our core business
  • Inclusivity and interactivity-our clients are engaged throughout the policy period
  • Emotion-Empowering and positive emotion; not the traditional fire and brimstone
  • Value Addition- this is achieved through partnerships
  • Lifestyle based- this increases acceptance as insurance is largely sold, not bought

As an independent insurance intermediary, we help our clients find insurance solutions tailored to their individual needs. We draw from a vast pool of personal, property and commercial insurance policies therefore meeting all your insurance needs. We invite you to explore our comprehensive consulting services and get to know our competent and friendly staff. Some of the benefits accorded to our clients is a 24/7 dedicated service available on our mobile contacts and negotiated prices applied based on given parameters as well as negotiated time frame settlement and of course our customised products/policies.

We advise clients on optional premium financing hence help them on realizing optimal flexibility on their budgets. Thus achieving a business ideology of paying today’s benefits on tomorrow’s earnings.

We are happy to inform you that our cover focuses more for you than a standard insurance policy. We enhance most of the benefits to suit your needs for your car as here below as opposed to a standard Comprehensive cover policy.

BKY as an institution seeks to be a beacon of fundamental change in the insurance industry. Once we have earned our name in the industry we then intend to be at the forefront of leading the way to increase insurance penetration.  For now our products speak for themselves seeing as how well the market has responded to them, namely the Lifestyle Lady and Home Kuko Sawa customised policies.