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To be the preferred private equity fund services provider contributing to the economic growth of Africa


We provide excellent, innovative, credible financial services to each of our clients with an aim of empowering them to build a strong financial base and successful businesses.

It is well established in the local market as a private lending company.

In the last two years we have successfully managed to realize 100% growth in the market as well as introduce innovative products into the market. Key products we have developed an expertise in include:

  • Short term secured & unsecured loans
  • Salary advances
  • Bid bonds and performance bonds
  • Import finance  (new)
  • Trade finance and structured trade finance (new)
  • Finance consultancy services
  • Microfinance & microcredit services
  • Heavy investment in systems and structures that govern operation of the company.
  • A Rated Credit appraisal policy for all products
  • 100 % growth in the first two years of operation
  • Well researched market intelligence on product innovation
  • Strong synergy with local banks for client referrals
  • Negligible default rate of 1.95- 2.00% for the last two financial years
  • Continuous training and development courses for staff in designated areas.
  • Good corporate governance structures
  • Investment in corporate social initiatives and sponsorship of youth into internship programs
  • Financial
  • Non financial


AVL capital ensures above par operations by putting in place a comprehensive system of internal controls, establishing systems and procedures to monitor transactions, maintaining proper internal authorizations, key back up procedures and regular contingency planning.

The company has engaged full legal and audit support panel to ensure adherence to all statutory requirements, risk analysis as a going concern, proper internal audit and tax compliance and mechanisms for debt collection.

Non financial

  • AVL Capital has emerged to prove that access to private lending is viable business in the current market.
  • Staff growth and career development with minimal staff turnover in the last two years.
  • Frontier for the ongoing registration of the Private Lending Association of Kenya whose vision is to enable a forum for all members , act as a collective lobby to advance members’ collective interests and serve as a liaison between members and the public, the government, and other institutions in Kenya and worldwide.
  • Growth in ongoing relations with more Banks in the market having confidence in our service delivery.

Registration of AVL Capital Sacco for members working in financial institutions and firms

  • Capital Financing and short term Loans
  • LPO financing
  • Trade finance & structured trade finance
  • Microfinance & microcredit services
  • Finance advisory services