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Africa Instruments has been established as a link between local commodity traders and the global market, to offer solutions such as supply chain finance, structured finance and consultancy in financial instruments globally.

We recognize the uniqueness of every client and situation; to this end we support local SMES & MSMES by providing innovative financial solutions. Employing our services offers immediate results with creative plans that meet the unique set of financial circumstances of each client and maximizes business opportunities.

Contact Addresses

Andrew Kanyutu          Managing Director                   akanyutu@avlcapital.com

John Kageche              Director/Principle Officer         jkageche@avlcapital.com

Moses Nyaga               Director/Chairman                            mosesnyagamuriithi@gmail.com

Group Website             AVLC Group                              www.avlc-group.com

Postal Box                     AVLC Group                              35502-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Phone:                          020-230 4180                              0718-140 125

Email                           AVLC Group                           info@avlcapital.com